A Greener Earth

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The Problem

The club at our school, W.A.R.R, (Wantagh Animal Rights & Recycling) is a wonderful club to join at our school, and its very helpful to the community. Every meeting we do something helpful to our enviornment. So far in this year, we have supplied every classroom with recycling bins, and have started a recycling program. We have also done trail cleanups to clean the litter scattered by our school and its surrounding area. Another thing our club has done was sell T-shirts to help save the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. For every 10 shirts we sold, we saved an acre. :) We are preparing to fill the year with wonderful recycling joy!!!!! :) :D :) :D :) :D With the $500 that we are hoping to win, we plan on promoting our recycling program even more. Our funds are limited, and this would help our school a lot. We hope that you pick our school!!!!!!!!!! :)

Plan of Action

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