The Problem

Our School (Beallsville High School) has recently developed a brand new website staff, and we only have one up-to-date computer, and even it don't work correctly. We have learned so many new things, but we cannot use the traits we have acquired on the account that the equipment is so out-of-date. With the money we could bye newer computers, and software. We have been training for about 3 months and every amount of substantial work was done on one of 4 computers made available to us, the other three computers are either: out-of-date has unusable components, or a cpu that is so old that it takes us 5-10 minutes to open a program. We are in the Switzerland of Ohio School district in Ohio, it is the largest district in Ohio, geographically wise, Our School was recently named a School of Promise, a very prestiges honor, very few schools hold this title. Our school was in the top 10 OGT & Proficiency Tests. Because our school system is so wide spread the Ohio government feels we do not need funding, but our buildings are poor and our technology department is depleted. We would really appreciate the grant. Our Greatest Veneration, Korey A. Patterson Freshman class Vice President Head of school Web Page development P.S. our school Website is as follows:

Plan of Action

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