The Xtreme Vehicle Challenge

The Problem

As a science teacher, my main goal is to motivate and push my students to achieve great things in everything they pursue. One project I have designed to encourage and motivate students in the fields of physics and physical science is The Xtreme Vehicle Challenge. Through this project my physics and physical science students will compete with other physics and physical science students throughout the county in head-to-head competitions using various vehicles they have designed and built. The competition consists of four types of vehicles: CO2 dragsters, 4-wheel drive monster trucks, solid-fuel model rockets, and mousetrap-powered cars. Each vehicle will be hand-made by the students and they will control, launch, and complete each event themselves. If any grant money is won, it will be used to purchase the specialized tracks for the CO2 dragsters and 4-wheel drive trucks. I believe this project is important because not only will students learn key science concepts through these hands-on activities, but it may motivate them not only in science but in other subjects as well. I've seen students who are disinterested in anything dealing with school. I thought I couldn't reach these students, but I've learned that I have not tapped into their interest. Once you find what motivates each student, you can then incorporate the concepts they need to learn to be a successful student. Thank you for the opportunity to apply and thank you for your consideration.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign