Coop-rate Community Social Services

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The Problem

Cooperate Community Service Cooperate Community service is basically a program that brings together major business companies, undergraduate/graduate scholars and community social services together. How we are able to do this it through establishing networking, reforms and implementation. Networking effect in Cooperate Community Service Program: 2. Networking would cut down financial expense. By using academic all qualifies individuals to assist in making the program more professional, efficient and effective as the undergraduates/graduates still has explore their lines of expertise but in affiliation with community social services. Networking benefits in major companies. The networking program benefits companies because they will be able: 1. To get ideas/innovations. 2. Cut down costs in marketing allowing the company to save: by not been legal bound to facilitate an individual through benefits or compensation amongst many other business related expense that deal with employee. Networking benefits to community NGO/ undergraduates/graduates The networking program benefits to community NGO would be: 1. Establishment of professionalisms in our community social services,through the assistance of graduate and undergraduate scholars volunteering in social community services. Reform effects on the cooperate community service program: This program will bring change in job qualification for undergraduates/graduates, change major companies perception of the potential in our communities, and change our community social services, by showing that several areas have not been exploited. The benefit of reform in the business World 1. Cut down on financial cost on: compensation and Ideas/ Invocations. 2. Change global view on where they can find potential. 3. Change major companies views on just seeking individuals that are academically qualified through their years of schooling have not done anything to cause change in their line of expertise in collaboration with the community. 4. The Cooperate Community Social Service Program will cause change in companies’ viewpoint on our communities potential. The reform in the Community Services The reform in the community social services would be to create a positive financal, potential and professional level of expectations in what they do: 1. Increase of educated individuals that will promote professionalism in community services. 2. A financial benefit by using the cooperate community service to establish more donors. 3. Change in seen the amount of potential in our community social services that have not been exploited even around our communities. Reforms benefit to our undergraduates/graduates The program will cause reform for our undergraduate/graduate around our society because it will allow them to see: 1. The potential in working for our community even as they pursue their academicals qualification only at their cost of knowledge. 2. Meanings to exploit that potential. What makes the program stand out from several of the community programs is the manner in which it will be able to collaborate the business world, community services, and the youth our feature successors, while still creating funds .This would be possible through implementation. This implementation would directly benefit the business world, community services and youth been undergraduate/graduate. To recap the Cooperate Community Social Services is a program built on, Networking, Reform, Potential, and lastly change Implementation.

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