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Dizney Debutantes is a club that started up in August 1, 1993. There are 10 Chapters among our group today. We have clubs in the following locations; 3 in Knoxville Tennessee, 3 in Lexington, Kentucky, 2 in Germany, and 2 in England. We would like for our club to expand in a global capacity. Our organization has been honored by Tiger Woods Start Something Program, Children's Hospital/Channel 10 News, Kohl's Who Care, Shoney's, The Postal Service, 3 Presidential Awards, and a Dizney Debutante Day Awarded by Mayor Victor Ashe of Knoxville, Tennessee on December 8th. We have been very instrumental in our community. We have volunteered at Children Hospital and St. Mary's Hospital, made cards for the Ronald McDonald House, helped distribute toys to the Angel Tree, given toys for Toys for Tot and sponsored meals for the homeless. We have served dinner to the homeless at the Rescue Mission, made donations and raised money for the Empty Stocken Fund, collected clothes for the Premee Babies. OUR latest endeavor is to donate money to the Ladies of Charity, Salvation army, Milk fund, and the United Methodist Food Ministries. We will also take food items for thie Ladies of Charity pantry. our biggest project this year is to help assort and distribute toys on Christmas Eve morning. We have joined and networked with many organizations that need our help such as Girls Souts, 4-H, Teen Board of Knoxville, Tiger Woods & Target Start Something Program, and many other organizations. We feel that if we give through many organizations that we open the doors of opportunity because they help us help others. Our club goal is to reach and help as many people as possible. Our club is broken into several levels. Level One is community service projects to help others. Level Two and Three is Self-Enrichment Programs and Healthy Start to grow as life-long learners. Level Four is to keep us on track with our future careers and college goals. We wear uniforms when we serve our community so that we can learn how t become professionals, and it looks very neat. We wear khakki pants and blue collared shirts. We also are greeters in our community and we wear dress attire and white capes with sashes, crowns and banners. The community loves for us to greet. During Level Two and Three goals, We have given free dance lesson to the All American Eagles and participated in Disney World Competitions, Hard Rock Cafe, Fellow Christian Cheer & Dance Competitions, Jamfest, and many other dance competitions and had an undefeated season three years in a roll. We all particiapted in Job Shawdow Programs this summer. We took dance lessons from Ellen Worksmen of Chicago and two of our dancers recieved dance scholarships. We participate in 4-H Sew For Fun Summer Program at the University of Tennessee Agriculture Campus and our sewing out fits are entered into the Tennessee Valley Fair and have won first and second place awards. There are so many more workshops that we have attended like bicycle saftey, ettiquette lessons, Say no to Drugs, Sex, Alchol and much more. In Level Four, we all volunteered in the career field of our chioce. For example, a couple of us were candy stripers this summer, some worked with the news, and some worked for dentist offices. It was so much fun! Our efforts are endless and within all of these wonderful years as a club, we work harder each and every year. As the president of the Dizney Debutante Club and I am very proud to have such loyal and dedicated friends to help me accomplish our goals. Our number one goal is to help our community grow. I would like to welcome you to our club and May God Bestow Many Blessings Upon Your Dosomething Club like God has bestowed Blessings on mine! We are new to the Dosomething family and we are excited to start working hard as we have in the past. Thanks for allowing us to link up with your organization. This makes our club much moer official!

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