Prairie Plant Establishment on Green Roof

The Problem

With the help of my college professor, I established the first commercial green roof in the state of Nebraska! Prairie plants—plants that would survive drought, and other harsh conditions—were used to cover the roof. A specially designed mixture, called RoofliteTM was used as a lightweight growing media. This planting media was tested for its water holding capacity and drainage properties before it was used. So what does all of this mean? Economically, it means we are receiving huge energy savings by insulating the roof. Environmentally, it means less water pollution by retaining as much as 100% of 1 inch of storm water. Because plants act as a filter, it also means pure air and less diesel engine pollution. Green roofs reduce global warming and radiating heat from city structures by reducing solar energy gain up to 90%. For your health, clean air means a decrease in cardiovascular and respiratory disease. Reduced heat prevents organ damage and other health related problems. Of course planting a green roof is not the only solution, it is just one more step towards sustaining our environment.

Plan of Action

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