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As a young person entering my career I feel that the human connection is one of the most decayed elements of world. Choosing a career as an English teacher was imperative to me because of this. Story, the human condition, and our experiences together as a race are so eloquently displayed in many of the pieces of literature we have in our collective history. The knowledge and connection found in these texts is imperative to all our relationships together, to better understand the entire scope of the human condition. Thereby causing better relationships between individuals, their situations, and the practical analysis of those situations. All of these skills are inherent in the pursuit of literature. My life will be devoted to bringing these texts and sources to young people who may not have that advantage in any other form. I plan to dedicate my career to working with underprivileged or disadvantaged youths to bring them toward a positive experience with the written word so they can pursue healthy interactions with each other and the world. I'm fully aware I'm not a traditional candidate for this grant, as I'm entering my student teaching at a traditional high school, and am sincerely hoping to transfer to non-traditional educational intuitions after I'm fully accredited. As this is a community grant I can't stress enough how important community is to me, and how strongly I intend to enforce the link of community and the cannon for the duration of my career. I truly feel there are few positions as important in a community as the station of educators and the pupils who teach them. Thank you so much for you time and consideration, Britany Belden

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