Peer Educators

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The Problem

Being naturally helpful, I decided to help others besides myself and my family. I became involved with the Peer Educators with the Department of Health and I was nominated President of the club. It was our job to let teens know about STDs, HIV/AIDs, tobacco usage, gave advice on how to talk to parents, teen-pregancy and drugs. I found that everybody is not like me, and I enjoyed being able to befriend them at our group sessions and hear their problems, give them advice, and also give them big hugs and constant smiles. As the president, I was the teen spokesperson in the Red Flag event which let others know about a new policy that they were setting forth about teens not being able to buy tobacco products by the colors on their driver's license which includes teens trying to get tobacco products for their parents or older friends. By being the president of the peer educators it has opened my eyes to the problems that other people have. Problems that I know I have, because nobody is perfect. If I could I would take everybody's problems unto my own shoulders so that there would be peace and less stress, but I can't. But I will do all that is within my power to help out as much as I can, even if that means doing it a little bit at a time.

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