Diabetes in our communities

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Diabetes in or communities is a project that allows youths to go out into thier communities and educate others with information on diabetes type 2. In doing so you develop facilitation skills, healthy living skills, people skills and many more. You get a chance to go out in your community and explore, you get to give a helping hand to others. Now you're probaly saying, how can I get all of that out of this, easy, first you, the youth get educated on the subject and attend workshops on the subject. Then when you have enough information to be able to go and perform a workshop on your own, you'll be given the opportunity to go and perform a workshop at a school or a community center. Over all this project offers alot, it gives you insight on life and your community. It helps you help other. You get the opportunity to better your community, your family, your friends and over all your self.

Plan of Action

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