Buddy Bears For Life

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The Problem

Buddy Bears for Life provides "special friends" for loved ones of terminally ill patients of Hospice. Most hospice patients stay at home and when the nurses visit, they have little to give the children other than pamphlets. Buddy Bears would provide teddy bears for the loved ones to give them someone confide in, talk to, and cry with. Personally experiencing losing a loved one has inspired me to start this program. The Bears will have tags tied to them that have the following poem printed on them: Friends and family can not always be near, That's why I'm giving this teddy bear. Hold him, love him and hug him tight, And he will be there day and night. He can not replace the love you hold dear, But he's a reminder that their love's always there. There is one thing more that he likes to do, That's to remind you, that God loves you too.--Sharon Tholinson. If you are interested in helping me on this mision, please visit our web site. It will be up soon so stay updated.

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