Official Project

The Problem

TeenCHAT (Teen Community Health Action Team) is a group of 12 teens, who come together and talk about the issues facing our community and how they affect our health. Some of the issues we discuss on a regular basis include: racial disparities in school, the workplace, economic wealth, and health care. We discuss healthy options for school lunches, and how to implement them into the public school system; we discuss how to revamp the physical education programs in the Seattle Public School system. We put on local health fairs, open to the community, so that our voices can be heard. We talk with the community about heart disease, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, asthma, and other chronic and/or disabling illnesses. We work with mentors and trainers, and go to policy meetings in our counties. We visit the State Health Board, public schools, and community centers and try to get our cause heard. We work with small chidren to educate them about fitness, and how to take care of their bodies as they get older.

Plan of Action

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