Homeless for the Homeless

The Problem

On November 16-17, Columbia, SC participated in "Homeless for the Homeless". There are about 1,565 homeless people in Columbia, and the idea of this project was to try and get 1,565 students to represent each homeless person. The volunteers stayed out all night in the cold, to try and live the lives that the homeless have to live everyday. It got below freezing, and we had layers of clothes and sleeping bags, so we could only imagine how cold it must have been for them. The next day, we broke up into different teams, and went on community service projects. The community service project that I took part in was going to the Free Health Clinic and cleaning up around the path and the building, and adding dirt from around the area. Overall, it was a great experience to live in the life of a homeless person for a night. http://www.midtowncolumbia.com/homeless/index.cfm

Plan of Action

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