Destined To Create Peace Services

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The Problem

Destined to Create Peace Services is a company dedicated to the empowerment of the young generation. Specializing in youth orientated workshops, programs, seminars, and motivational speaking. Destined to Create Peace Services, uses an innovative approach to educate the youth on topics that they combat daily. By infusing more of the urban influence into our activities, we are able to break down the walls of infiltrate any resistance and allow us to help the youth become well and more productive members of society.Mission Statement:Destined to Create Peace Services sole mission is to motivate the youth and promote the importance of both a social and intellectual education. Programs and Services:D.C.P is composed of several different programs and services:Program/Activities: we offer a variety of programs straddling various topics infused with a dynamic cultural element that allows the youth to comprehend and therefore help themselves Counseling: We offer both group and individual counseling. The will offer peer counseling for the youth to learn to help each other. Educational Programs: D.C.P will offer tutoring, GED preparation, and career development classes in order to educate the youth on the various options in life Workshops/Forums: D.C.P will also give the youth in the community to voice their concerns and opinions in a safe setting. By allowing the youth to confront issues in a healthy way and come together with adults to find the best solutions to the problems. Liaison Services: D.C.P will also provide a liaison service between the schools, other departments, parents, and the youth. The liaison service will be in charge of keeping parents informed on all information pertaining to the child’s educational progress

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