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I'm doing something in 10 days that will change my life entirely. I joined Cross Cultural Solutions, a USA and UK based organization that places volunteers to placements overseas. I will be going to New Delhi India to work in the Mother Teresa Home for Disabled children, which I have good experience in. It was a dream come true! Flying alone will be difficult, as well as the culture shock of Asia. It took great effort to get this volunteer opportunity, and I am glad to make the difference. I AM DOING SOMETHING! I will not be with my family this Christmas, or be with my friends on New Year's Eve. I will be doing what Christmas is all about, compassion and caring for others. People I don't even know. People whose language I can't even speak. I've volunteered making houses in Mexico for two years, and volunteered locally my whole life. Now is the big step forward. Wish me luck!

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