WDA Sadhana Clean Water Project

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The Problem

The Sadhana Clean Water Project is addressing the obstacles to clean water access in rural India. With 1.25 billion people, India has the second largest global population. 226 million of these people do not have access to safe water. In the state of Maharastra in western India, and the site for our conference, approximately 700,000 people contract water-related diseases annually. The problem of clean water access is further exacerbated by competition for the limited supplies available. Demand for water in India is expected to double by 2025. Our project is a community-based effort exploring possible solutions with local NGOs and communities to improve the conditions of safe and sustainable water access. We are doing this with a two-pronged approach: An Appropriate Technology (AT) Study Group with India’s Sadhana Village NGO and United World College (UWC). More >> The Safe and Sustainable Water Conference we are hosting in Mumbai, India on 19 March 2007. More >>

Plan of Action

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