AIDS Awareness Week

The Problem

AIDS Awarness Week will have events for University of Wyoming and the Laramie community to attend. There will be speakers, educational events, and AIDS Walk throughout the week. A panel of facility and staff who have worked international work in the area of HIV/AIDS will present their work at a luncheon. There is a possiblity of conductin a gallery walk. Photos, raising issues of HIV/AIDS, will be placed around campus and educational walks will be lead at different times in the week. The keynote will be Ed Cardoza, Director of Development for Partners In Health (PIH). Ed has worked with PIH since 2000 and is currently fundraising for Partners In Health's programs in Boston, Haiti, Russia, Peru, Rwanda, Mexico, and Guatemala. The final event, the AIDS walk will take place at the end of the week. This is a 5k walk to raise money for Wyoming residents who are infected with the disease. Fundraising done throughout the week will go to University of Wyoming's Face AIDS chapter. ALL funds will be donated to Partners In Health

Plan of Action

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