Invisible Children

Official Project

The Problem

The summer before my junior year I went to New York City for a poverty fighting summit. When I came home I was ready and willing to do somthing about global poverty. I started I club at my school called Inivisible Children. We brought awareness to the night communters living in Uganda who are forced to leave their homes every night and walk into towns to sleep outside. They do this because they are trying to escape from the rebel army, known as the Lords Resistance Army. Last year was the first year my team did something to stop the madness that is going on in sub-saharan africa. We started by inviting teachers to bring their classrooms to watch the Invisible Children Documentary: Rough Cut. We ended up with pretty much my entire school in the gymasium. Throughout the rest of the year we celebrated global action days, did fundraisers, and a rummage sale that altogether got us about $2,000 dollars. Now it is my senior year and we recently did a screening of the documentary for our freshmen class. We plan to do much more this year and cannot wait for our big plans to pay off.

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