The Problem

As a freshman entering North Kingstown High School, i wanted to be remembered for something. It was not long after I joined the High Rollers Skate Club that i realized what i wanted to do. With the state of Rhode Island in a short of skateparks, i wanted to bring a public skatepark into North Kingstown. As a Junior, I took it into my own hands to do something about the present problem in the town and brought the issue up to town hall. I gathered research, along with interviews from various towns and skateboarders as to what they would want to see and would they be willing to help with the cause. After 2 months, I was accepted into the agenda and allowed to speak on my topic. My presentation was taken very well and I successfully got all members to agree on the subject. We now currently have a skatepark alliance working together to get it all together. Unfortunately, due to money and placement, the project has been slowing down but with persistence and drive, we will be seeing a skatepark in North Kingstown sometime in the future. I now am the president of the High Rollers Club at the high school and help run pasta dinners and battle of the bands that we use to help fund raise money to use to go on trips. It will be hard to leave all i have started and put into the past four years in the club but i am glad i could do as much as I did. I will continue with both the skatepark project and helping with the High Rollers even after my high school experience is over.

Plan of Action

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