Eating Well and Feeling Great

The Problem

I am part of a group of 65 teens at North Catholic High School, Pittsburgh, PA, who have written a booklet and powerpoint for middle school students. Our objective is to teach healthy eating, daily exercise, and portion control. We leave our school each day and travel to thirty or more middle schools in the Pittsburgh Area to spread the word about healthy eating , feeling well, developing an exercise regimen, and how to live long. We travel in teams of four high school students with our LCD projector, laptop, booklets, and four healthy snacks for pre-teens.Our group has 31 different workshops and this workshop is our latest one. We have many expenses which include: van and driver, desktop publishing costs, food costs, and expensive light bulbs for our LCD projector. We do over 50 presentations per school year.Our group is called the North Catholic Leadership Team. We are dedicated to helping students younger than ourselves to live a healthy lifestyle.We have been in existence since 1991 as a group. In 2004 we were given a plaque by the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health, Dr. Calvin Johnson, for having excellence in school health programs. We continue to do this work but are in need of funding.

Plan of Action

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