The Jazz Project

Official Project

The Problem

The threat of a lowered GPA; something that haunts all top students. This threat makes them give up the things they love, like the fine arts or creative writing classes, in return for some AP classes and a shot at the coveted title of Valedictorian. I have seen these effects firsthand; watching my main goal since elementary slip from my fingers as I stayed loyal to the Concert and Marching Band classes. There was no music club, or anything of the sort, at my small school; so I started one myself. The Jazz Band I created plays entertaining music at a higher degree of difficultly than our current concert band. It's open to anyone who wishes to play, good or bad. Admission is free, and we operate on no budget at all. Our only purpose: to fulfill our passion of music by playing the instruments we love. Although we borrow music from our band director, we receive no direct adult support, and are currently working on a spring concert. Although I have lost my chance at Valedictorian, I am happy to say that I have made something for the benefit of all music-lovers at my school. This will eventually allow someone who doesn’t wish to give up music to have a fair chance at valedictorian, and still keep their passion alive.

Plan of Action

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