Christian dance ministry

The Problem

A year ago i got saved at faith assembly of god in orlando florida andmy life changed forever. I saw god do some amazing things in teens life. Students from Winter Park High School,Colonial High school, Winter Springs High School, Lake Howl High School, Timber Creek High School, and University High School; some of the main highschools in Orlando, FL and I wanted to be part of what god was doing in this city. The Youth Ministries at Faith Assembly were called Mainstream Orlando which has three different aged services. Rapids is the middle school aged, Xstream is the High School service and The Voice is the colledge aged service. As i started to get more and more invloved in this church I began to perform and become part of the Fine Arts ministry there. The Fine Arts ministry is a great chance for kids who have never had anything to look forward to, finally have something to look forward to. Kids who joined Fine Arts were kids who were either outsiders or kids who were once mis-guided or lost. After joining fine arts though they were totally new kids and ready to do gods will. God did that in me, he used me and made my calling become clear. He put a purpose in my heart and that was to create a christian dance minsitry called mainstream orlando dance team. At the moment I have twelve students in this minsitry who are ready and willing to dance for god. Most of my kids who are in this dance team are fom the nearby High schools, they arent professional dancers and do not all have prior dance skills but have hearts of gold. God really has alot of things planned for this team and he plans for us to go around the globe reaching students with our dance peices and shows. So you can say what I have done is taken what the world has done to dance and taken it back and changed back into what it should be; A form of worship and glorification of god. This team continues to grow and soon it will be enormous. This is my project and purpose.

Plan of Action

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