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The Problem

After the American occupation of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003 a group of friends and I, who at the time attended an all-girls school, became interested in helping out the education of young women in Afghanistan, an area in which young girls were having difficulties gaining access to education. We decided to have our high school enter into a "sister school" relationship with The Primary School of Hope in Kabul, Afghanistan, a school that promotes education for Afghani girls and boys financed by the International Foundation for Hope. We donated school supplies to them and they educated us about their lives and experience. Before our graduating year, this group of friends and I decided to raise money to give this school in addition to educating our peers about the social and cultural history of Afghanistan. We decided that the most efficient way to get as many people as possible to hear about Afghanistan, was to organize a benefit concert for our "sister school". We were able to easily find popular local bands and a cheap venue, the El Torreon in Kansas City. Further, we arranged educational material on the history of Afghanistan including the rise and fall of the Taliban. That event was quite successful as we raised approximately $1500 for the school. Two years later, I decided to continue this cause about which I am so passionate. I was in college in Chicago, and so I held the concert at the Logan Square Auditorium. This year, the concert raised $600 and educated more people about educational issues in Afghanistan. This coming spring, depending on funds for a venue, I hope to continue educating my peers about Afghanistan and continue my relationship with The School of Hope.

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