Agape Kidz Club

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The Problem

AGAPE Child Care and Family Life Center: Kidz Club is a faith based environment that demonstrates knowledge and appreciation of the growth and development of children and the resulting affection, understanding and knowledge gained from actual experiences of working with them. Kidz Club Believes that after-school/summer programs should provide a warm, personalized, unconditional and informal atmosphere which will give the child the advantage of a gradual adjustment from home or family day care experiences to a center setting. As well as provide our students with a place to be themselve. This is often a difficult task for Children today due to the school enviorments that contain consistant judgement and bullying. We Believe that children learn best from their environment. They learn through emotional, intellectual, physical and social experiences. Therefore, competence is acquired when a child is given as many opportunities as possible to interact with their own firsthand experiences. Agape's Kidz Club, is built on the balence between love, structure, and fun. We give our Kidz the option to speak their minds and express themselves through writting, dance, art, and speaking. Our main goal in Kidz Club is not onlt to educate our Kidz on whats going on in the world but, to educate and guide them on they situations in thier everyday lifes. In conclusion, our program is dedicated to the wellbeing and love our children and parents.

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