Tomorrow's Future

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The Problem

Through Big Brother Big Sister Program, I have selected a group of studentsat my high school who are willing to spend a few hours everyweek going to selected to schools to mentor children. This program allows students to use their own personal experiences to share with elemtary school children. My goal is to demonstrate to the public: 1) Who you are born to be, is not who you have to become. Forexample, like a caterpillar who is bound to be ugly and useless in most eyes can transform into a beautiful butterfly within a yr. My philosophy is if the caterpillar could, so could underprivilaged children. I want to give these kids the right foundations, teaching them morals and giving them goals and hope. 2) A better future depends on these kids. If we can teach them what they need to do, there is no limit to what they will do. It is important to keep the human race moving foward. With the increase of gang activity and other crimal related crimes increasing, I feel as if we are moving backwards in time, becoming once again uncivilized. I want these kids to know that each one of them has a potentiaSl and a dream that they need to accomplish, if i can help then I consider it my personal responsibility. 3) These kids can be awesome. If you had a choice at the beginning of you life to push the easy and good life button or the hard and painful life buttong, which one would you choose? I dont think I know anyone who would puch the second button. The first button is what most people work for their whole lives, my goal is to give the kids a chance to puch the button. By building a foundation for them they will have that chance. They say that only house with good foundations will stand the rest will fall. I can only help these kids as kids as they grow up, they have to make their own choices, but if I set a good foundation for them, no matter how many bad choices they make, they still have a foundation to fall back on.

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