enviormantal art

The Problem

In today’s society there are many issues that we as a world must face. Most of the people in our world choose to turn the other check and ignore the way our world lives. We as a society must stand up and take action for what we believe in. One of the major issues that we face is taking the preservation of our earth’s natural beauty for granted. A way to educate the minds of our people is through environmental art. Environmental art is opening the doors for people who do not know the severity of what pollution in our world causes. By using this technique it would be more impact full for people to not only hear the truth but to see it, and its effects of what can happen to our world. This aspect of awareness will show how fragile nature truly is through photography, drawing, and painting. A good way to show it through photography would be to show a timeline of landscape. Showing what it used to look like, what it currently looks like, and what it can look like if people do not change their ways of living. Another way is through mixed media by using actual nature in the area of art that is used. Also manipulating nature to show what it can truly display. By showing the sacredness and pureness of nature it will help people to realize what can, a needs to be done. Nature is a wonderful gift that has been given to us. Day to day people just throw their trash in everyplace possible. As artists I will take every aspect of my talent to educate our people in matters that are important for our lives. Using what I know will hopefully raise awareness to the world

Plan of Action

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