Mexico Missions Trip

Official Project

The Problem

The Mexico Missions Trip will require youth groups from all over the nation full of teens ready to get invovled in making a difference in someone's life. Money will need to fundraised in the weeks prior to the date of the trip, which is in July 2006. Once the fundraising is over, the trip will begin and each teen who signed up will particpate in dances, skits, and dramas that teach the young children of Mexico the love of Christ. For one week, the kids will be ministered to and prayed over in the middle of the street each day. The goal is to come back changed with a different view on the world. We have all been warned about the backgrounds the kids may come from. Many have no money and live in cardboard boxes, others suffer from abuse by a realative, or some witness horrid street fights every night. The purpose of our ministry it to give these people hope and find inspiration through even the toughest times.

Plan of Action

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