HBDC (Hospital Book Drive for Children)

The Problem

I am starting a book drive with friends of mine in the 7th grade at the Park School to supply books, magazines, comic books and DVD's for children at the Boston Medical Center in Massachusetts. The Boston Medical Center sees almost 75,000 kids every year, most from the inner city, and many without any books at home. They speak over 70 languages. Many of them don’t have any books at home. Whenever a kid visits Boston Medical, they try to give the child a book if one is available. I go to the Park School in Brookline, this is where I am going to have my drive. Our goal is to collect 5,000 items annually. Park School Website: http://parkschool.org/ Boston Medical Center: http://www.bmc.org/ *We are also looking for Gamecube Games

Plan of Action

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