The Problem

Objective: Empower youth to develop good sense, ambassadorship, and life long leadership skills by embracing service and service related initiatives. Youth Club is a not for profit organization run by the youth for the youth. It provides a unique platform to the youths within the community. The purpose of Youth Club is to provide an alternative to violence, drugs & alcohol related activities. Youth Club gives the youths a sense of belonging to the community. It provides them with a fun and entertaining environment and a structured social network. This is accomplished via the weekly youth lounge and quarterly cultural and artistic activities, such as Open Mic Night with the goal of exposing the youths to new ideas and promoting self esteem, self confidence, and peer networking. In order to infuse good sense, ambassadorship, and leadership skills, the youths are also consistently engaged in service related experiences that challenges their mind, body, and soul. Youths are encouraged to engage in these activities both as participants and as leaders/organizers of these activities. The service activities are designed with the intention of providing positive experiences that promote critical thinking and develops leadership by instilling a sense of ownership to help the community. As such, my team and I continuously identify such external opportunities, develop relationships with the external institutions, and execute service events with them in a consistent fashion. The team also identifies external service opportunities that can be executed both in house and at the service entity. This allows a wide spectrum of youths over the age of six to participate in service activities since majority of service organizations impose an age restriction for their onsite service engagement. Since its formation, Youth Club has organized several structured social networking activities such as Open Mic Night, Book Club, Youth Lounge, etc. Our service activities include working with organizations such as the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot, Habitat for Humanity, Buckner Orphanage, Children's Hospital, etc. We have also worked with local colleges, libraries and other entities to organize events for youths and their parents such as College Fair, College Planning Seminars, Diversity Debate Tournament, Environmental Fair, etc.

Plan of Action

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