Yoga Breathing Techniques for All

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The Problem

When I was a little boy I learned Yoga and Breathing techniques from my mother. That has been very useful to me till today in keeping me healthy and focused. A thought came to me one day, “Why not I teach this to others so that they may also benefit from this”. I feel very happy and fulfilled teaching these to others. Hundreds of diseases plague man kind today; even people of my age are badly affected. The only way I know that can relieve them completely is Yoga and Breathing Techniques. So I teach these to all who desire to learn, regardless of age. There are hundreds of poses and breathing methods in Yoga, some very complex and unsuitable for all. Through experience I have short listed a few poses that are easy yet effective for all. I teach difficult stretches to the flexible and simple breathing techniques to the rest. Diseases that are not caused by a bacteria or virus are completely cured through this Yoga technology. I know hundreds of people that have come out of high and low blood pressure, cholesterol, breathing problems, skin problems, back pain and much more. I have personally taught Yoga and Breathing to many and have seen people come out of common problems like insomnia, hypertension, depression, skin problems and breathing problems. Thousands of people suffer from all these common ailments. Even those who have insurance are unable to keep up with the cost of medication and treatment. We spend a lot of time on many different things, but we must spend some time each day doing Yoga and Breathing Techniques, to keep up good health. I have been teaching people only at a small level, I would like more people to benefit, and come into good health naturally. This Yoga and Breathing Technique that I am teaching is even capable of removing toxins from the body. I conducted a one day retreat this summer. I would like to hold more such retreats and seminars and bring this wellness gift to all the interested people in my city, state, country and all of the world. Today all of man’s needs are fulfilled, in terms of wealth and convenience, but all will agree that the biggest wealth man can possess is health.

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