H.O.P.E.S for the Future

The Problem

I have created a program called "HOPES for the Future". I am working with an organization called Hispanic Organization Promoting Engineering and Science (HOPES). The program’s objective is to motivate high school students to continue with school and get a postsecondary degree. With the help of hopes, I have created a very interactive presentation were we promote science and engineering. The presentation is one hour long and consists in two parts. The first part is 15 minutes long and explains the importance, benefits and uses of science and engineering in society. The second part is 45 minutes long and is a hands-on workshop. This program is different because it shows the students how the school can be applied to real life and how important is college for the society. Only 4% of the population of Bakersfield has a Bachelors Degree and this problem tends to get worst. Our organization wants to change this and with "HOPES for the future" we are planning to do it. The students we target are the ones at risk of not graduating or failing classes. Through motivation we change the students’ perspective about school. We also give them free tutoring on the weekends so they can achieve academic success. Also, MESA (Math, Engineering, and Science Achivement) has sponsored us.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign