Christmas For Kids

Official Project

The Problem

Giving gifts to childern who parents cant provided christmas gifts. We did this project because there are some many kids out there that are not going to get anything for chirstmas so we thought this would be a great project to help out the people in are community. This project want great we impacted 53 people with us doing this project. It helps the community by showing them that we are here and if you cant get anything for your kids we are here to help because we know that there is alot of kids out there that didnt get anything for chirstmas. Brock Susnoskie "one of the 20 people never thought that there was that many kids out there that are not getting anything for chirstmas and he was talking to the one student and the student stated all what he want for chirstmas is to be with his family. Brock at age 12 said that he never realized that they dont want toys and things like that all they want is to have there family". We are sorry we forgot about taking pictures.

Plan of Action

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