Restoration Operation

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The Problem

The Restoration Operation is a group developed by the dire need for higher paying jobs, Youth support and more goverment interference in community proverty. The depression era which impacted the whole U.S, enabled Franklin Delano Rooselvelt to enact the New Deal Program that withdrew the country from the devestating period, however there are some still in the depression. In today's economy the rich get richer and the poor indefenitely poorer, and their statistical rating to succeed is drastically low. This subsequently makes it more difficult to stay in school, find a job, maintain good credit, avoid peer pressure and crime or even find out need-to-know information. The Restoration Opertions general goal is to first bring awareness, then build progress that will later maintain results. Our tasks are to support youth education and provide information and material, college funding, credit repair, job searches for the disadvantaged, help beginning entreprenuers, the homeless and much more. We basically give options to those whom would have otherwise gave up hope and support those impoverishied individuals who are striving to achieve success. If there is ever a time to act, I think it is NOW, one city at a time.

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