"You and me, we'll change the world…"

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The Problem

"You and me, "You and me, we'll change the world…" "You and me, we'll change the world, it's been told before, but it doesn't matter, you and me, we'll change the world…" (Translation from an Israeli song by Erik Einstein) Changing the world does not mean "fixing" global worming or mending the Ozone layer or even creating an over night world peace. All it takes in order to change the world is to wake up with a smile. Many things can stick a smile to your face; the sun shining in the morning, a clean park to walk through, the best CD you've ever listened to, the smell of pancakes on Sunday morning… Everyone has a special something that makes him happy. But in order to keep the things that makes us happy we need to work on them, parks and beaches are not cleaning themselves, and they sure didn't trash themselves in the first place… our atmosphere is getting polluted every single minute, nature is slowly disappearing and more and more animals and plants get extinct every passing year. So you ask yourself; "how can I fix all that??? What can I do???" Well, I believe that everything starts with education, if you know more facts you'll know how to use them, and you'll be able to preserve what's important to you. I suggest to start with small, even in my own school district or township or even just the development I live in. Create a one day/week "CARNIVAL" that all about the different kinds of pollutions (in land, water and air), recycling, animal care, plant appreciation, and much more. The carnival will be set as stations that go around the block or a couple of streets even (if possible to have then closed to traffic, if not, then the carnival can take place on school grounds). The stations can be held by the high school students and will be open for all, grown ups and kids to walk through and get information about the station's topic. This carnival can also be an opportunity for up coming school/neighborhood young bands to perform, and it could be their stage to make a statement about world changing from their point of view. I think that by bringing this very serious subject to public knowledge in a festive informal way, we'll intrigue them and make people more appreciative to their environment. Having students involved in the project and letting them create the stations, gives them an opportunity to learn and pass knowledge to others. And by educating people about recycling, we gain by a long run a big financial improvement for our country, and by that we give more room for the government to help the weaker layers in society. There is nothing we can't do, there are only things we're too lazy to think and act about. I came up with this project originally in 2001 and it was held as a march down in a Tel Aviv (Israel) park on the river bank of a much polluted river. The stations were held by 11th grade students from all over the district, and high school students and teachers walked the carnival for the entire day. I was then the head of a student educational board of an organization called "Mashatzim" in Israel

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