The US Mayors' Climate Protection Agreement

The Problem

Hey everyone, The U.M.C.P.A was put into effect by the mayor of Seattle after we didn't sign the Kyoto Protocal. It calls for towns to follow three simple rules outlined at I was doing research on this agreement and I noticed that my townl hadn't signed it. After learning this I wrote a letter to the Chair of the board of selectmen as we don't have a mayor. I asked him to consider signing the agreement but I don't think it will get much attention unless more people write in. I'm asking you to write a letter to to your mayor about this issue and to tell your friends. Thank you! WHAT WE"VE DONE: This is an important issue to Neerg because our homebase town isn't on the bill. In responce to that we are sending out emails to everyone we can think of, begging them to write to their mayor. I wrote an email to mine a month ago and he still hasn't written back!

Plan of Action

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