Music equals Oppurtunity

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The Problem

My project is something thats hits close to home. When I was tweleve I went with a student embassador group called people to people to Austrila. It was by far one of the most enriching and fun experiences I have ever had, when I was only a kid. Being able to travel to the other side of the world meet kids your own age with similar interests. To see that not every part of the world is like ours.To see more natural beauty like the great barrier reef before it is gone. The reason I started ths project is to help my younger sister who is now tweleve have the same experice i got to enjoy. Only her trip is to Europe where are older sister went with people to people when she was tweleve as well. Its sort of right of passgae Iin our family. But it comes at a cost. I dont come from a wealthy family me and my older sister worked very hard to raise money for our trips and now its my little sisters turn to show us what she's got. She has dediced to host a show in our home town. She has asked local bands such and Dr. Manhatten and Dormlife to play a show for her firends and anyone else who wnats to hear good tunes for good reasons. Music can take u places in life it puts a smile on anyones face. Please help put a smile on my sisters face and join her cause to rock for culture.

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