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There are few things that are certain in this world, and I'm certain that music changes lives for the better. From the performer's release of emotion to the listener's experience of joy, music not only entertains the masses but also creates employment opportunities around the world. I am presently in graduate school as a Library & Information Sciences student. I will be earning my Masters in May 2008. I come to the library field after almost 10 years of experience in the music industry. I began working around music as a teenager and read as much as possible to network myself into music career situations. However, there was never one comprehensive resource which could direct me to careers in music and related industries. While working on music projects throughout the United States as well as countries like Japan, Spain, and England, I was often asked questions like "How did you get started in music?" There are many people who want to know about careers in music and related industries. But there were no simple answers. I began to compile lists of resources that I shared with others. I discovered that many people, from talented musicians to listeners and music lovers, wanted a more formal compilation of careers in the industry, including everything from music marketing to sound technology. The public library -- a quintessential outlet for music education -- and the music industry could form a mutually-beneficial partnership by providing an innovative resource that helps people choose careers in music and related industries. In turn, I am proposing a project in which I compile such information. It will be presented in a concise and easy-to-read format that enables music lovers to gain awareness of careers throughout the world at no cost. It will reinforce education as a necessary component for those interested in a music-related career.hing. Thank you for considering this proposal for a Do Something / Take Action! Award in Music Education. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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