Gofers to Go For

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

Driving? Cars? Accidents? Traffic jams? Forget it. I’ve got a better idea. Global Positioning Systems are becoming more and more useful, but their usefulness is limited. Opportunities reach to the horizon for these little gadgets. All we need is some ideas, human capital, and financial support. I’ve got the idea. Here it is: Gofers. That’s my idea. We need Gofers. What’s a Gofer? Hang on; I’m getting there. Literally. Somewhat like a car, a Gofer is a means of transportation. One of the most important aspects of a Gofer is its Global Positioning System. I can climb into a Gofer and tell it “Take me home” and it will carry me along rails, rather than roads, to my back door. What about accidents? Won’t it run into other Gofers? Of course not! With GPS, each Gofer will know exactly where each other Gofer is, which will eliminate traffic accidents. There is no need for drivers: put your child in a Gofer, tell it to go to Grandma’s, and he’s off! How convenient! I can take a nap on my way to work! Better yet, I can get dropped off at the entrance to the mall and tell my Gofer to find an empty parking space. When I’m ready to go, ring for my Gofer and walk ten steps instead of one hundred. It’s like every person having a personal chauffer, only without the expense of human capital, traffic accidents, and giving directions! And now, here I am! My Gofer has carried me right to the entrance of the Do Something Take Action! Grant!

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