Always for Girls

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The Problem

Being a teenage girl, I know how hard and embarrassing it can be to have Aunt Flow visit you every month. The next two paragraphs are from the PROTECTING FUTURES website and this is what is inspiring my Do Something Project. "Girls living in sub-Saharan Africa can miss up to four days of school each month because they lack the basic necessity of sanitary protection and other resources to manage their periods. To help give girls in this part of the world a better chance at an education and to raise awareness of this issue, P&G brands Always and Tampax are joining forces with HERO, an awareness building and fundraising initiative of the United Nations Association to launch the Protecting Futures program. According to research, 1 in 10 school-age African girls do not attend school during menstruation or drop out at puberty because of the lack of clean and private sanitation facilities in schools. And, if a girl has no access to protective materials or if the materials she has are unreliable and cause embarrassment, she may be forced to stay at home while menstruating. This absence of approximately 4 days every 4 weeks may result in the girl missing 10 to 20 percent of her school days." My goal is to collect sanitary supplies and money to send to girls over in Africa. It's so sad to hear about how something so small can effect their whole life.

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