Creating Peace One Hoof at a Time

The Problem

Creating Peace One Hoof at a Time is the title for a children's carnival that will take place on April 26, 2008 at Pointview Baptist Church in Combine. The carnival is part of a senior thesis project at the School for the Talented and Gifted. My partner, Marian Lusk, and I will be throwing the carnival in hopes of raising funds for the non-profit organization Habitat for Horses. The organization was only able to make $7000 profit in a year and is in desperate need of support, if it is to continue rescuing equine species from abusive, negligent or absent families. The organization does not have the funds to care for horses full time, thus they distribute the animals to foster families for raising and training, though they still have to provide bare necessities such as food and medicine. The event will go on for four hours with every dollar made will be donated to the group, and everything utilized throughout the day including games, food and supplies will be provided by various stores through grants we have applied for. Countless horses have been abandon and left to die. Recently, a horse named Naysa was sold for meat. The buyer tried to load her into a trailer, but she did not have the energy to step up inside. In a fit of rage the man wrapped her head with barbed wire, tied her to the back of the trailer and drove off. When she fell, he ran the trailer back over her head, got out and shot her twice in the head, though he denied having done this despite the recent bullet wounds. Amazingly, she survived and was put under the care of Habitat for Horses. The money we raise will primarily for this horses surgeries, since the organization has no hope of affording it on there own. This project started as a good mark on my college applications but has become very close to my heart. Hopefully, I will be able to attend a college in the fall with my desired major of Animal Sciences with a future prospective in my own ranching facilities.

Plan of Action

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