Change for a Change

Official Project

The Problem

change for a Change is great because anyone from any socio-economic background can help. Basically If you have a penny you can help. A Change for a Change is asking for change, both in the terms of ghettos, homelessness, drug abuse, but also in the form of loose change- pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, even loonies. Because nearly everyone in America from the poorest to the richest has at least a penny (or two,) to spare, and because of that, they can help. A little in large amounts goes a long way. Often, I see people grumble and complain about pennies, "What use does a penny do? Why do we even have these things?" I've actually seen people throw pennies away! (even though it's illegal.) Sure, it's fair to think, "What good can one lone penny do?" But the problem is that, that little penny is not alone. There are millions across America just like it, thrown away, forgotten at the bottom of purse, wallet or tip jar, under the cushions in your couch, just waiting to be picked up and put to good use. Well here it is, a change for a change is asking for a little loose change, to create a big change in a community in need. Just think, if everyone in America donated a penny, JUST a little penny, Change for a Change would make approximately 3 million dollars. And of course, most of us can give a little more than a penny.

Plan of Action

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