30 Hour Famine

The Problem

World Vision has a yearly "30 Hour Famine" where people from all over the USA and other countries can join together and try to eliminate hunger in starving third world countries. This event is popular in churches and schools. People who participate will decide to not eat (fast) for 30 hours as they do games, hear lessons about countries in need of food, and do community service. Before the fasting takes place though, participants must recieve sponsers who will pay them money that will go directly to World Vision and be distributed to different countries who need it. Depending on how much an individual recieves from sponcers, they might be able to recieve prizes for their hard work and dedication, prizes such as bracelets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles and book bags. This event is great for any age group to do! And your community will definately see how you are making a difference in the world. I was the leader and organizer for my youth groups 30 hour famine this past year. I was in charge of getting people on board with the idea, presentations, community service ideas, TRIBE game ideas, guest speakers decorating, and telling the congregation of what we were planning to do. My youth group did it in the month of May and we raised about $1,600.00!! The members of my youth group had a blast and we hardly thought about our hunger because we were so busy with different fun activities. I recomend this event to anyone wanting to stop world hunger!

Plan of Action

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