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The mission of Jer's Vision: Canada's Youth Diversity Initiative (the Jeremy Dias Foundation) is to support youth who are addressing issues of discrimination in their schools and communities. Discrimination is still a major problem in Canada, and youth are part of the solution. The potential of youth is all too often overlooked, and we want to change that. Jer's Vision seeks to support youth through programs and services that are open to everyone. We work to address all kinds of discrimination, including discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, location, colour, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, income, and mental or physical disability. Jer's Vision seeks to support and encourage youth to work to stop discrimination against in all communities across Canada. VISION News celebrates diverse events in Ottawa (& Canada) that often go unheard of. One of a kind, this news show allows youth from accorss to country to contribute to the show and raise awareness about events and incidents that affect their lives. Check out or

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