Hope for Haiti's Children

The Problem

My most significant accomplishment is the creation of Hope for Haiti’s Children Organization. It is a non-profit organization formed to build schools in Haiti in order to promote Haitian education and health. Its goal is to get kids out of the streets and give them a higher purpose in life, so that they can feel both intellectual and loved. This program is especially essential in this third-world country, because of the lack of educational and health opportunities, poverty, and violence there. The organization has greatly helped support education and health initiatives in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.                     From the very beginning, as Vice President, I have played an active role in every aspect of this endeavor. In the US, my primary responsibility is to write to many corporations asking them to sponsor children in Haiti. With the money that we receive, I buy supplies, books, and first-aid equipment for the children and classroom settings in Haiti.  Moreover, I go to Haiti every summer and there I recruit students and staff for the school. I also organize and participate in health screening and physical assessments for the children. In addition, I meet with their parents to inform them about the opportunities that are available through the school. I oversee the records for the students, since most children in Haiti do not have accurate history and medical records.            There is already an established school in which the organization supports, called Immaculee Conception School, and another currently being built. Some of these students are sponsored by a business, so we deliver certain items their sponsors bought for them. Such items include clothing, books, food, and supplies. Various children don’t believe that they can go to school for free. Thus, the most difficult task is having the students attend school consistently. Many kids did not show up every day, so it was my job to go to their homes and explain to them the necessity of an education. I had to talk to their parents and explain that they can provide more for the family once they’ve obtained a degree.          The children who attend our schools in Haiti benefit greatly from this project. Without our schools, these children would have no hope and no future. These students are now able to receive an education and to escape from a life of poverty, crime and violence. They are healthier, because they receive nourishment through the meals that we provide.  Fortunately, this project will increase the level of knowledge throughout the new generation of Haiti. Hopefully it will allow this country suffering from poverty, to expel and become a formidable nation.          By participating in this project for four years, I learned that the third-world countries do not have the same opportunities as the United States. This effort was important to me because I am of Haitian origin. So whenever I would visit Haiti during summer vacations, it would sadden me to see so many kids in bad shape. They either did not have an education, or were very ill. Most of the children were suffering from poverty, and would often steal simply to get food and clothing. Many could not read or write. As a result, I plan on continuing to participate in this organization throughout college. My long-term goal is to develop a complete public school and health care system across Haiti.

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