"Miss Deedee's Babysitting and Tutoring Service"

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The Problem

In addition to academic excellence, top universities seek students filled with passion, leadership, commitment, and responsibility. Over the years I’ve combined my passionate drive to succeed academically with my love for children to take my leadership abilities to new heights. From my summer job as a counselor at Camp Sinai I’ve formed and maintained close relationships with my campers, a majority of which I still babysit and tutor on a regular basis. It’s from those relationships and inspiring movies like The Babysitter’s Club, that I began to toy with the idea of starting my own babysitting and tutoring business. It was only when a parent asked if I could give her my business card that it hit me: today’s children are tomorrow’s future and my business idea can really help my community. Why not save up for my car insurance in an organized business that manifested my love for children and passion for education? That summer, I started “Miss Deedee’s Babysitting and Tutoring Service”. Now, 3 years later, my planner is filled with sticky notes containing phone numbers and has almost every week packed with babysitting and tutoring jobs. As my business has grown, I’ve formed many relationships with over 15 families totaling almost 40 children as regular clients. I’ve learned different ways of teaching young children how to compute basic math problems, spell, and read (Hebrew and English). Children look forward to my tutoring because I’m not an ordinary tutor. From experience I’ve discovered homework comes easier if kids are having fun. In between learning I make sure to add an enjoyable element of taking fun breaks that include games, cooking, story telling, snacking, art, etc. I do my best to make learning fun so that eventually, they too will share my passion for education. By serving as a role model and friend I’m able to instill lifelong values and steer kids in the right direction. My friendship with children that have the ability to make a difference in the future is one of the best ways I could possibly give back to my community. I also reach out to teens by volunteering as a weekly youth group counselor for Bnei Akiva- the world’s largest Zionist organization. Knowledge is power, and through Bnei Akiva, kids are given the opportunity to learn about important current events. I meet with the Israeli representatives weekly in my neighborhood and we put together an informative activity for the youth group. Every Saturday for the past 3 years I’ve been committed to leading my youth group, consistently composed of at least 20 middle school children, by discussing current events in the Middle East and playing educational games for almost 2 hours. Although my dedication through involvement in other activities (theater, varsity basketball team, art society, debate team, math team, and the National Conference for Synagogue Youth) shines on my resume, I believe my most meaningful contribution that colleges would respect can be found in my passion for “Miss Deedee’s Babysitting and Tutoring Service”.

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