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During my sophomore year at Coronado High School I became a volunteer math tutor for the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) and founded the Islander Student Tutor of Math (ISTOM) program — the first comprehensive math tutoring program encompassing Coronado High School (CHS), Coronado Middle School (CMS) and our alternative high school, Palm Academy. “We needed to hire a math tutor desperately,” says CHS Board Member Laura Clapper to the Coronado Eagle & Journal (January 23, 2008)), “but we didn’t have the funds to hire a full-timer. Turner was gracious enough to take the job without pay.” Hence, I stepped in and have been tutoring math for CUSD ever since. Says the head of CHS Math Department, “Turner Stanley has a gracious heart, a gentle soul, and a patience even I can’t match. Turner became a student tutor in mathematics at Palm Academy this year. In just a few short weeks, my students warmed up to him, and I began to see changes in my students. I saw one student in particular go from being standoffish, unwilling to work, unmotivated, and not passing his math course, to wondering where Turner was when he was absent, wanting to work only with him and asking Turner to sit next to him each time he came to Palm Academy to work with the students. This particular student is now passing his math course, earning credits, and is becoming more motivated.” (Coronado Eagle & Journal, June 21, 2006.) I believe one person can make a difference in the lives of many, so, rather than take additional AP classes and benefiting just myself, I spent five semesters tutoring at CHS, CMS and Palm Academy to benefit many students. Having tutored math through ISTOM for 5 semesters, volunteering on a daily basis for over five hundred hours, watching a student’s lights go on when he/she finally understands a problem is what sets my sails and makes me want to see that all socioeconomic levels of individuals get the same opportunities when it comes to education, especially learning math. CUSD, a San Diego County school district, rarely receives funding due to the socioeconomic level of the city. But I can tell you that not all the students fit into this economic level, especially those attending Palm Academy. It is my hope that I can earn this grant to give to Palm Academy so that they can use the money to pay for all their needed supplies to keep their math classes running strong and smoothly. Please help me to help CUSD and Palm Academy.

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