Inspiration Box

Official Project

The Problem

The Inspiration Box is a literary magazine for adolescents. Art is an outlet for teens and it is strongly ignored at high schools through a lack of funding and awareness. Artistic teens are led to feel less important than athletes because they are not appreciated enough. Art should be encouraged, not degraded. The Inspiration Box provides the sort of encouragement that a large majority of creative teens need. Through the magazine they are able to display their work, admire other art, and learn of opportunities in their art form. They can become inspired! Most high schools have an art club that has to earn all its money on its own as opposed to a football team that gets help from the school. I know that at my school the art club didn't earn enough money for a project like this. So I appealed to as many local grant commitees as was necessary until I earned a $500 grant to start the magazine. After that, I raised more money for the project by selling each magazine for one dollar. I hope to raise enough money to rent a room once a money for poetry readings, live music, and art shows.

Plan of Action

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