Ladybuds™ Adolescent Development

The Problem

"Nurturing Girls…Blossoming Ladies”™ The mission of Ladybuds™ Adolescent Development is to provide socio-economically disadvantaged girls with an outlet to learn more about themselves, better relate to others, and navigate through the world. The objectives of the program are to foster growth in adolescent girls, promote personal development, and develop and refine social skills by teaching etiquette and communication skills. Ladybuds™ also seeks to provide an atmosphere for cultural diversity and appreciation of fine arts and literature, and provide the necessary resources to disadvantaged girls to achieve academic excellence. The major objective for the program is to empower disadvantaged adolescent girls (regardless of race and ethnicity) to overcome their circumstances and become a success. Ladybuds™ seeks to partner with non-profit organizations, churches, schools, and community-based groups to provide motivational speaking, seminars, retreats, after-school programs, summer programs, mentoring, intense college preparation, and discussion groups/book clubs for adolescent girls between the ages of 12 - 17.

Plan of Action

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