Young,Thriving.and Beyond

Official Project

The Problem

This project is about young kids who can't find anything to do afterschool. So i am creating a project called " Young.Thriving.and Beyond" It is a afterschool progrem telling students an awareness about teen pregency, body image, drugs and all the rest of what teens should know. This is open for 7th to 11th graders who are in the town of Sauk Village,Ill. This project offers leadership skills, good communication, and let’s kids stay out of trouble. Such things as plays, dances, and fundraisers are some things we need to do to have some fun. Instead of dropping out of school we teach them to solve the problems they face. This project should be covered in your newspaper because we are doing something positive and constructive. This programs lets a teen grow up to a healthy, community-involved adult.

Plan of Action

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