Ultimate Spring Break Challenge-Purdue University

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

This is a student volunteer project at Purdue University organized through the residence halls. We are traveling to the gulf coast area of Louisiana to help in the rebuilding efforts after Hurricane Katrina. This is a student-led project, with team leaders organizing much of the trip with the help of adult advisers who offer advice concerning logistics of a budget and university policy. This trip is actually heavily subsidized by the organization, as the students only have to pay $150 of the $750 it costs per person to send them on the trip. The rest of the money comes from grants, donations, and fundraisers. The goal is to provide students with an opportunity to do community service and experience a lifestyle that they would never have seen at home. They will diversify their mindsets with exposure to those who do not lead the same privileged lifestyle, and it will hopefully offer them some perspective. It will also help some people move back home after their houses were destroyed in the storm!

Plan of Action

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