The Problem

I need your help. I am starting a projct called the Congo. Whether or not you think you are affected, you are however indirectly it may be. People everyday, every hour are being subjected to rape; women, men as well as children as young as 8 months old. This has got to stop!! We cannot keep going about our lives while poeple are dying. If we spent as much time covering this problem and ongoing epidemic as we did Britney Spears and her life, think how much better we would be and the people living in the Congo also. The issue here is not that people are getting raped but it is how. Men are not longer inserting their body parts but rather objects such as the head of a gun,sticks, twigs, steel: anything that can be inserted into a hole. This causes the tissue of the vaginal area to tear and a need for massive reonstructon surgery. People we cannot have this ongoing crisis continue any longer. The longer we wait the more peopl are dying. This project is designed to raise money for the few doctors that are aiding the thousands that are in need of reconstructive surgery. The doctors are not being paid sufficent enough sums and have to rely on the victims who have no source of income to pay for their fee. I am not forcing, just asking to give what you can because everything is needed for these people. We have to show them that we care and we feel their pain however unbearable it may be.

Plan of Action

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